Privacy Policy

(macOS version)

This Privacy Policy describes how your personal information is handled in Dress Assistant for macOS.

We do not collect, use, save, or have access to any of your personal data recorded in Dress Assistant for macOS with the exception of your nickname and user picture (if you choose to use one) in the Forum. This nickname and picture is used only within the Forum.

You might also be asked to provide access to your photo library or the camera, this is only to take or select the pictures of your items or in the forum to take o select your user picture.

Your wardrobe database is stored in the device, iCloud Snapshot use your personal private iCloud account to sync. We do not save, or have access to your wardrobe database.

The Forum is stored in a public iCloud Database

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, feel free to get in touch with us

Dress Assistant is developed by Software de Arte, a division of Ediciones Fugaz Antorcha.
Av. Santa Fe 1159 7L (C1059ABF) Buenos Aires Argentina